Chemical Guys Ściereczki z mikrofibry Elite 40x40cm

Ściereczki z mikrofibry Deluxe Super Premium 40x40 cm

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Chemical Guys



ELITE DELUXE SUPER PREMIUM MICROFIBER MICRO-BANDED 8.75mm THICK SUPRA MICROFIBER TOWELS We put them up on line yesterday 50 dozen later we have today! These towels will amaze and please even the toughest of critics! Extra plush, absorbent, exceptionally soft, lint-free and 100% scratch-free. Banded For superior absorption and the softest 100% scratch free towel. Designed with the latest innovations and finest newest generation of microfiber fabric. Constructed with a dual pile weave, one side has long fibers and the other short fibers. The long fiber side works great in quick detail and waterless car wash applications where dirt needs to be carried away from the paint surface. The short fiber side is great for buffing away polish and wax residue, and cleaning windows. Microfiber 100% microfiber edging eliminates the scratching and swirls. 70/30 ultra-premium blend of Polyester and Polyamide. The fibers are precise split fibers with a spiral pattern, to deliver the softest most absorbent microfiber .


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